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Properly Fitting Your Bike Helmet | Bicycle Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Studies have shown that a large percentage of road cycling accidents are caused by automotive drivers. Cyclists who suffer an accident with a motor vehicle and have failed to wear a properly-fitted helmet, are often hospitalized with medical injuries of the head and brain. Brain injuries can a lifetime and a severely brain-injured person can

Get Ready to Share Indiana and Ohio I-70 with Self-Driving Semi Tractor-Trailers | Truck Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Indiana and Ohio Departments of Transportation have received federal grants totaling $4.4M to expand test driving of autonomous and semi-autonomous load-hauling fleet vehicles. The technology project will focus primarily on Class 8 trucks (18-wheel semi tractor-trailers) carrying loads between the major freight hubs of Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio on Interstate 70. In addition to the

Indiana Youth Helmet Safety Act | Bicycle Accident Attorney Indianapolis, IN

On March 30, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed Public Law 43, known as the Youth Helmet Safety Act. This law took effect on July 1, 2020 and is a statewide campaign to encourage communities to educate parents about youth head injuries and death statistics caused by bicycle accidents. Bicycle Accident Injuries Involving Youths – Statistics

Safer Roads Scholarship Winning Essay

Auto Accident Lawyers Indianapolis, IN Three years ago, I lost one of my closest friends to distracted driving. She had been texting someone back and wrapped her car around a telephone pole. Makenzie was a joyful, hardworking student and her life ended after just 17 short years. I was 15 at the time, just beginning

Unsecured Construction Site and Building Collapse Causing Wrongful Death and Injuries to Bystanders | Personal Injury Lawyer, Indianapolis, IN

On October 17, 2019 ten people injured in the partial collapse of an 18-story commercial construction site, with the representation of their personal injury lawyer, filed suit in Louisiana alleging that the defendants were grossly negligent, reckless and showed willful and wanton disregard for their rights. In addition to the bodily and respiratory injuries suffered

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