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Should You Give the Insurance Company Your Recorded Statement?

Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis, IN Reporting the Accident to Your Provider Your automobile insurance policy is the result of a contract between you and your provider. If you have been injured in an accident, through little or no fault of your own, and intend to seek monetary reimbursement for the losses you have incurred, (medical

Punitive Justice Served in Federal Court

Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis, IN A well-known manufacturer of agricultural and lawn products used to discourage weeds has been unanimously served with justice by a California federal jury consisting of six jurors. We will call the corporation the defendant. Represented by his personal injury attorney, the petitioner/plaintiff testified that he was diagnosed with stage III

Can I Sue a Negligent Driver for the Wrongful Death of My Unborn Child?

Wrongful Death Lawyer Indianapolis, IN The emotional and financial recovery from the loss of a cherished family member can be a crushingly painful path to walk. But when the loved one’s death is caused by a negligent driver, the law may provide a means for your wrongful death lawyer to recover for any monetary damages

Projections for Transportation Safety in 2020

Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis, IN A generation after World War II, the economy was booming and every family’s dream was a home in the burbs and a sleek, newly minted Chevrolet, Oldsmobile or Cadillac in the driveway. Americans took cross-country road trips and those who were seriously interested in motoring purchased a membership with the

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