Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers Seek Larger Settlements

Having the skilled truck accident attorneys in Indianapolis, IN of Ward & Ward Law Firm behind you maximizes the value of your truck accident settlement in several ways.

  • Access to key resources – We preserve evidence, fully investigate truck accidents, and seek to establish negligence of the other driver. And we document the full impact of injuries, including necessary future treatment to ensure bills are paid and families are not left in financial ruin.
  • Specialized knowledge – The trucking industry is governed by complex state and federal laws. At Ward & Ward Law Firm, we focus almost exclusively on personal injury cases, including truck accidents claims. We understand commercial carriers are governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations and Indiana laws, including the statute of limitations. Our attorneys pinpoint negligent acts, identify trucking law violations, and determine all potential defendants to help you receive the best possible trucking accident settlement.
  • Leverage with the insurance companies – Even before you lawsuit is filed with the court, the defendant’s insurance company may offer to settle your case. However, an early truck accident settlement is likely to reimburse only a fraction of your total damages. Hiring an attorney protects your interests and demands that the insurance company take you seriously by offering full reimbursement for your losses.

Experienced personal injury lawyers offer our clients the full financial resources of our firm to employ expert witness testimony and physician reports

At Ward & Ward, we fully investigate and employ expert witnesses in cases where liability may be in question. Using an expert economist report or testimony,  we are able to assess the monetary loss of quality of life before and after a truck accident and use this information along with our lawyer’s experience and knowledge to leverage a fair settlement for Indiana truck accident victims and their families.

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