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Truck Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Truck Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

truck accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN
Find A Truck Accident Lawyer In Indianapolis

If you have been injured in a truck accident, are you recovering from injuries that have left you in chronic pain, or are facing temporary or permanent disability, it is imperative that you talk with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis at Ward & Ward Law Firm for help. You might already be receiving medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars while at the same time be unable to work.

Our team understands the challenges associated with truck accidents and would like to offer you a consultation in which we can discuss what happened, explore your legal options, and address your concerns. Please call a Truck Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN before you incur further losses.

The Devastation of Truck Accidents

As a Truck Accident Lawyer in IN can empathize with, being part of a serious truck wreck can be scary, painful, and confusing. Despite what we may have been told about what to do if an accident were to arise, it can be easy to get swept away in the chaos and forget. However, it is important to the outcome of your insurance claim and how much you receive in compensation if you remember to take certain actions shortly after the truck accident.

Truck accidents can be devastating. Commercial trucks like tractor trailers, construction trucks, moving trucks, and 18 wheelers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Their sheer size can lead to a heavy impact that is catastrophic. Often the driver of the truck walks away with minor injuries, while the occupants of the car may face life changing injuries. Some will succumb to their injuries. Sadly, a large majority of collisions like these could have been avoided.

As one of the foremost truck accident law firms in the Indianapolis area, we are able to help you file a claim or lawsuit against parties, including:

Damages that May Be Recoverable

Truck accidents can cost victims tens of thousands of dollars. The more serious the injuries are, the more money you can expect to have to pay. By law, when another party caused you harm, you have the right to ask them to pay for your injuries and any other losses. The sooner you do this, the more likely you are to recover a fair and just settlement. An Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer in Indiana at Ward & Ward Law Firm can review your case and may seek damages for:

What To Do in the 10 Minutes After a Truck Accident

If the truck accident happened in a spot where you are now in the way of other drivers, a Truck Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis suggests safely getting yourself and the vehicle (if possible) off to the side of the road. Wait nearby until an officer and ambulance can arrive to assist. Do not permit the truck driver to leave, and always get medical care at the scene even if you don’t believe you have been seriously injured. Vehicle-related injuries may not be felt until a later time after the original bodily shock has diminished. 

Here are other actions to take within the ten minutes after the truck accident: 

#1 Turn On Your Hazard Lights

By activating hazard lights you are drawing attention to the truck accident so other drivers can be cautious when passing by. This helps warn people to slow down as they approach. If you have road flares, this would be a good time to use them. 

#2 Call the Police Once You Are Safe

After you have moved your vehicle and yourself over to a safe area of the road, notify the police immediately. There is no better resource than an officer within the first few minutes after a truck accident happens. A police officer can guide you through handling the scene, in addition to taking a report of what happened. An IN Truck Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis may ask you to get a copy of the police report as a form of evidence.

#3 Exchange Details with the Truck Driver

While it may be awkward to talk with the truck driver who hit you, it is a necessary part of handling a truck accident. If you do not ask for their information promptly, they may get other ideas such as trying to flee the scene. Unless the truck driver appears drunk or hostile, exchange details as you wait for police to arrive. 

#4 Don’t Talk to Anyone

The first ten minutes after a truck accident can be the most stressful part. You may be in pain, dizzy, in shock and feel inclined to neutralize the stress by talking with others. However, do not say you are sorry or make any other statements that could be interpreted as taking responsibility for the truck accident. Do not admit fault, even to bystanders who may have rushed over to help. The truck driver may ask to get this witnesses’ information and their statement about you admitting fault could drastically hinder your case. 

Time is Of the Essence!

If you have been involved in a truck accident, now is the time to learn about your rights and options. Please call an Indianapolis, IN Truck Accident Lawyer today from Ward & Ward Law Firm for more information.

If your vehicle was hit by a truck and you or your passengers suffered significant injuries as a result, know that the trucking company might not cooperate with you. This is especially true when it comes to paying you a fair settlement and within a reasonable period of time. Our legal team from Ward & Ward Law Firm has seen this time and time again.

Thankfully, many victims find a solution when they turn to an attorney from our law firm. Our skilled legal team understands the nuances of motor vehicle laws, as well as the complexities of federal and state statutes that dictate safe driving practices for commercial truckers. We are proud of our success rate when advocating for victims of truck accidents. If we represent you, we may be able to obtain the maximum possible amount of compensation on your behalf.

What to Know About Your Accident Claim

More often than not, commercial trucking companies have deep pockets and a team of high-cost attorneys on retainer. The same is true of their insurance company. Neither will likely hesitate to deny your accident claim or offer a low settlement amount for your injury. Though their offer will not be nearly enough to cover your medical costs and other injury damages, you might be tempted to accept it because it’s better than nothing.

Call us first and request a free case review with a Truck Accident Lawyer based in Indiana from Ward & Ward Law Firm. You will not be under any obligation to retain legal counsel from our firm during or after the consultation. If our attorney believes we can be of assistance to you, we can offer to represent you. If nothing else, you will have more information about your situation that can help you make informed decisions about your future.

After You Accept a Personal Injury Settlement

When you agree to a personal injury settlement with a trucking company and their insurance carrier, you agree to not pursue the matter further. Specifically, you cannot take them to court in a civil lawsuit. In addition, once you accept that settlement, if you need additional and unanticipated medical treatment, you cannot seek additional monetary compensation from the trucking company or their insurance carrier.

The Long-Term Impacts of Truck Accidents

As experienced legal representatives, we understand that injuries from a truck accident can be far-reaching and long-term in their impact. For this reason, and when applicable, we include future medical treatment in settlement negotiations that we conduct with the at-fault parties. We have developed a network of medical professionals and other experts upon whom we rely to provide us substantiated information to include in our compensation claims. We document this using current industry data and cost-based analysis.

As an example, if a client suffered a severe back injury in a truck accident, we might call on a respected back surgeon to provide testimony about future surgeries the victim is likely to need in the future. From there we break down the costs of those anticipated surgeries and related treatment.

If you were to accept a personal injury award settlement without first consulting a truck accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, you will probably not have the aforementioned data to include in your claim. As a result, the amount of compensation you are offered will likely be significantly less than what we may negotiate for you as your legal representative.

Why Choose Ward & Ward Law Firm

When you are looking for a legal representative in the Indianapolis area, you might notice there are many to choose from. However, not all lawyers can handle truck accident cases like we do. For this reason, it is important to take some time to review the law firm and talk with the lawyers so you can get an idea of who would be handling your case. By relying on Ward & Ward Law Firm please know that we have:

Protect Your Rights: Call Ward & Ward Law Firm

We understand just how stressful being in a truck accident can be, but you don’t have to battle this alone. A member of our legal team can meet with you to talk more about what happened and offer advice for how to proceed. Call us today for a free and confidential consultation with an IN Truck Accident Lawyer from Indianapolis at Ward & Ward Law Firm, so we can fight for fair compensation in a difficult case.

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