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Indiana and Ohio Departments of Transportation have received federal grants totaling $4.4M to expand test driving of autonomous and semi-autonomous load-hauling fleet vehicles. The technology project will focus primarily on Class 8 trucks (18-wheel semi tractor-trailers) carrying loads between the major freight hubs of Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio on Interstate 70. In addition to the federal grant, the project will also be partially funded by technology partners, fleet operators, universities, and logistic councils.


Platooning Technology Distinguishes the I-70 18-Wheeler Test Project

Platooning is a term that describes 2 or more vehicles in communication while driving in close proximity to one another with the purpose of reducing wind resistance and fuel costs. One trucking logistics company will be testing its autonomous fleet vehicles using Boesch platooning technology.


Truck accident lawyers have been in preparation and debate mode since Google’s autonomous vehicle offshoot, Waymo, has piloted their self-driving cars within the Phoenix metropolitan areas of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe Arizona. “We are still years away from the Level 5 SAE International Standard of full semi trucking and hauling autonomy under all road and weather conditions,” said truck accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN trusts, Charlie Ward. Interstate infrastructure will need to undergo substantial planning and communication improvements in full preparation for self-driving trucks. And insurance companies will require vast policy modifications to support the technology-driven commerce industry.


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