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Noblesville Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers, Don, and Charlie Ward, of Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers, have more than a century of combined experience practicing injury law in Noblesville,  a part of greater Hamilton County, and the state of Indiana.

Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers is a  plaintiff’s personal injury firm

Just what is a plaintiff’s personal injury law firm?

This means that we represent people who have been injured due to the negligence of another person or entity.  By entity, I mean corporations,  governmental offices, and/or agents thereof. Negligent persons, entities, and their insurance carriers are the named defendants in our client’s claim for justice.

How to find the best personal injury lawyer for you?

If you don’t already know of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you might ask your friends for a referral. But, even better, an online search for information can yield real client reviews as well as information about each firm before you place the call to the firm.

What should plaintiffs expect from their personal injury Noblesville lawyers?

Injury Experience and Legal Knowledge

Clients should expect legal competency from their attorney. Searching for an attorney that identifies specifically as a ‘personal injury’ lawyer, i.e. an attorney who narrows their law practice to matters of personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death claims, are a good place to start, and the most likely to inspire your confidence. But don’t stop there in your search for representation because the best attorneys are also effective communicators.

Good Communication Skills

Members of the Bar, particularly personal injury attorneys, use their critical thinking skills to convey and persuade. Through effective public speaking and via the use of the pen, good communication skills are required for negotiations and in courts of law. So too, the best personal injury lawyers should be willing to discuss any questions or concerns with you.

During the initial consultation, you will lay out the facts of your claim. If you are in possession of the accident report, bring it to the initial consultation. Also, any photographs that were taken at the scene, or of your injuries, along with medical bills, surgeries, and treatments. This information will paint a broader picture of your case.

Why is ‘experience’ a top priority for hiring Noblesville Indiana personal injury lawyers?

Knowledge of Legal Procedures

Through their years of experience, our Noblesville Indiana personal injury lawyers know the law and are familiar with the legal procedures that may maximize your compensation. In other words, there may be multiple sources of compensation available for damages. But in order to tap into these additional sources, there is also a strategic legal protocol or procedure that must be followed. And without an experienced injury attorney to guide your claim, these funds could be reduced or entirely lost.

Our attorneys are informed on legislation

Our Noblesville Indiana personal injury lawyers stay apprised of all legislation that may affect our clients and their compensation. For example, our lawyers do much, much more than negotiate settlements and distribute checks. State legislation grants rights to parties to attach a lien on your claim An enlightened injury attorney will tie up all the loose ends of your claim before the final disbursement of funds.

Qualified attorneys updated on higher court opinions

High court opinions such as appellate and state supreme courts, can have a direct effect on your claim. For example, most clients are unaware of the legal proceedings your attorney navigates to maximize their client’s compensation. Most of these procedures have been tested and tried in the courts by cases long before yours, and are now more or less matters of law.Experienced Noblesville personal injury lawyers are here to successfully steer your claim in the direction designed to make you whole once again.

Our legal team at Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers is in-the-know when it comes to personal injury law. Read the reviews from previous injury clients on Google or Facebook. And ask yourself, were these clients satisfied with the result of their claim? If so, then call us at (317) 639-9501 and be sure to ask for attorney, Charlie Ward. Our legal consultations are free 24/7. And an educated evaluation of your claim can often be made by our attorneys during your initial phone consultation. Call now. We want to represent you!

You will pay nothing unless our attorneys recover for you

Our Noblesville personal injury lawyers will discuss your case with you and honestly assess the strength of your claim based on the facts. If we agree to represent you, Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers will use our resources to cover the costs of your claim. If you and our lawyers agree to pursue compensation from the defendant(s), you will pay nothing unless we recover for you.

About Hamilton County

Hamilton County, Indiana is an extraordinary place to live and play. A balanced blend of adults, families, and seniors enjoy the benefits and resources that Hamilton County offers. A short list of our largest communities includes the towns of Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, and Noblesville.

The county seat is located in Noblesville, Indiana and most court business is conducted there. The US Census Bureau projects that Hamilton County’s population will grow by approximately 1/3rd from 2020 to 2030. And with population growth anticipated, planning officials are working hard to make Hamilton County roads not only more efficient at moving traffic, but safer in terms of driving fatalities.

Roundabouts in Hamilton County

Hamilton County city, Noblesville, reports 38 roundabouts in 2021, with more in the works and others currently under construction.

Trend-setting Carmel Indiana, currently lists 141 roundabouts on its Roundabout Map as of December 2021. Besides proving efficient at moving traffic, there has been an 80% reduction in accident injuries, and an overall 40% reduction of accidents in general in Carmel.

Hamilton County collision statistics for 2020 compared with Marion county

Each year the Indiana University Public Policy Institute tracks crash facts for every county in the state of Indiana. Their 2020 report show 6,196 collisions occurred in Hamilton County in 2022. And while neighboring county Marion, ranks 1st in 2020 collisions, Hamilton County ranks a close 5th out of 92 counties in the state.

Hamilton County collision fatalities total 23, in comparison with Marion county at 135 fatalities.

2020 Hamilton County statistics by injury status

The number of individuals in Hamilton County crashes in 2020 total 10,383. This number includes drivers and their passengers. Incapacitation at the scene of the accident shows a total of 483 persons.

Speed collisions

5.3% of all known collisions were due to speed, with Hamilton County ranking 74th in the state. The count shows 0 fatalities due to speed.

Alcohol Impairments

One hundred forty-two (142) Hamilton County drivers were charged with alcohol impairment in 2020. While 21.7% of fatal collisions were due to alcohol impairment.

Young drivers

Statistics show that one thousand three hundred ninety-one (1,391) or 13.8% of all drivers were young, ages 15-20.

Motorcycle Collisions

In 2020, there were 77 motorcycle collisions ranking Hamilton County at 9th in the state. Because motorcycles offer drivers and passengers no protective barriers around occupants, the incapacitating injuries rate was higher at 35 than the without injuries rate at 22.

More information about roundabouts

The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) tracks collision statistics for all types of variables across America. If you are a resident of Hamilton County, Indiana, no doubt you have at one time, been behind in the learning curve as Carmel, Fishers and Noblesville continue to build single and multi-lane roundabouts as they grow in complexity. But as time goes by, most of us have learned how to navigate these Euro-inspired roadways.

Noblesville Indiana and single-lane roundabouts - Noblesville personal injury lawyersCrash comparison of single-lane and multi-lane roundabouts

Single-lane roundabouts are the easiest style of roundabout to navigate. And the statistics bear this out. With only one circuitous lane traveling a singular direction, there is less chance of confusion on the part of drivers, and therefore less accidents. However, the downside to single-lane roundabouts is that with community growth, they become less effective.

Double tear-drop roundabouts

The double tear-drop roundabout has some similarities to an ‘infinity’ sign except pathways do not cross over or under each other.  These intersection conversions are frequently used beneath high-traffic multi-lane roadways such as freeways, for example.  For purposes of illustration, a double teardrop might include two each entrance and exit ramps and often has at least two double lanes.

The IIHS has examined crash information obtained from traditional intersections to the double tear-drop roundabout conversions. And the results are astonishing! Analysis showed that crashes with injuries were reduced by eighty-four percent. While accidents, both with and without injuries, were cut by as much as two-thirds.

People are involved in personal injury accidents every day, but how do they know if their situation means they should contact a personal injury lawyers Noblesville IN community members trust at Ward & Ward Law Firm? Well, if there is an individual or company that is to blame for an accident that caused an innocent person harm, then it warrants reaching out to a dedicated legal team. We understand the aftermath of a serious accident means that you may be in pain with your bank accounts drained and property that needs to be repaired or replaced. You may also have uncertainty about what your health and financial future looks like. 

Thankfully, there are reputable legal professionals, like our team, who can guide you through filing an action against the offender who caused your injuries to happen in the first place. If you aren’t sure if what you just went through means you should contact our Noblesville personal injury lawyers, read on. 

Motor Vehicle Accident
There are thousands of vehicle collisions that happen every single day on highways across the nation, and beyond too. With the development of motorized vehicles, our society was able to make major leaps in how we go about our lives. Most people use a motor vehicle to get where they need to be, whether that is in a car, truck, bus, or motorcycle. When a reckless driver causes a collision with another, they can be held liable for the injuries and property damage the victim suffered from the accident. 

Workplace Accident
Regardless of the type of field someone works in, an employer has to make an effort to keep the area reasonably free of hazards and dangers. Even those who work in high-risk careers, such as construction workers, must be provided safety gear and abide by protocols that help keep everyone safe. Workers compensation programs provide benefits for workers who are injured while on the job (or when traveling for work), however, there are cases when an employer can be sued directly for negligence that led to the employee’s harm or death.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors cannot just provide any kind of medical care that they want, they actually have to stay within a certain expectation so that patients are not wrongfully harmed. A doctor may be liable for how a patient has suffered, or the surviving family if the patient did not survive, if they were found to have committed a mistake which led to the patient’s injury. As our Noblesville personal injury lawyers can explain, examples of reasons medical malpractice cases are filed include but are not limited to: prescription errors, surgical mistakes, incorrect diagnosis, inadequate treatment plan, and more. 


There are many more examples of personal injury accidents that may motivate a victim, or their surviving family, to file a lawsuit against the offender. Aside from the list above, other personal injury accidents entail slip and falls, defective products, animal bites or attacks, boating accidents, asbestos exposure, mesothelioma diagnosis, birth injuries, and more. 

Our Noblesville Indiana personal injury lawyers are here to help you now!

If you have an accident in Noblesville, Indiana, or Hamilton County we are here to help. Although most claims settle through negotiations or during pre-trial mediation, you can rest assured that our Noblesville Indiana personal injury lawyers will prepare your claim in detail and ready for trial by judge or jury from the moment we take your case.


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