Determine responsibility for your serious trucking accident case

Determining liability for a truck accident is much more complex than establishing fault in a car accident.  It takes a number of different people and companies to keep a truck properly operating, and any one of them may be to blame for the accident and subsequent injuries.  In many cases, it is the culmination of a number of negligent acts that ultimately leads to a trucking accident.  To ensure the proper parties are held responsible, it is crucial to seek professional help from an experienced truck accident lawyer in Indianapolis.

Generally speaking, the majority of truck accidents are caused by either driver error or vehicle failure.  However, within these two causes are a multitude of variables and parties who may have contributed to the accident.  For example, although a driver may be at fault for falling asleep at the wheel, his employer may also be held liable for providing inadequate training or placing unreasonable delivery timelines that forced the driver to scrimp on required sleep and rest stops.  Thus, more than one party may share blame as co-defendants.

Some potentially liable parties

Some of the parties who may be held liable in a truck accident include the following:

  • Drivers – Truck drivers who violate trucking regulations—such as ignoring mandated rest periods, or operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs—may be held liable.  However, larger settlement amounts are obtained by pursuing liability with any companies involved.
  • Driver’s employers – Companies who cut corners and require drivers to drive too many hours or overload vehicles may be held liable for the driver’s negligent actions.
  • Truck owners – Truck owners are required to properly maintain vehicles and ensure they are up to code and safe to operate.
  • Maintenance companies – Truck maintenance facilities are responsible for providing quality repairs.  When faulty repairs contribute to an accident, the maintenance company can be held liable.
  • Loading company – Those responsible for loading trucks may be held liable if cargo is improperly loaded or overloaded.
  • Manufacturers – When dangerous or defective truck parts contribute to a crash, the parts manufacturers and designers may be held responsible.
  • Federal, state, and local government bodies – Ensuring roads are properly maintained and safe for drivers with adequate signage, guardrails, and safety measures is a government responsibility.  When dangerous roads contribute to truck accidents, various government bodies may be liable.

Seek legal help immediately

If you were involved in a truck accident, it is important to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible to sort through the legal complexities and ensure proper measures are taken to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Truck accident lawyers with many years of experience litigating semi truck claims

At Ward & Ward we protect our clients from injuries due to the reckless and negligent actions of a driver in any kind of vehicle.  Our knowledgeable and experienced Indianapolis trucking accident lawyers and personal injury advocates are here to help.

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