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Do You Get Larger Settlements for Indianapolis, IN Truck Accidents?

From a legal standpoint, truck accident lawsuits are investigated and litigated differently than auto accident cases A semi truck accident is different from a car accident in a number of ways. Truck drivers must meet higher safety standards than car drivers and comply with separate state and federal rules regulating such things as rest periods

Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers Seek Larger Settlements

Having the skilled truck accident attorneys in Indianapolis, IN of Ward & Ward Law Firm behind you maximizes the value of your truck accident settlement in several ways. Access to key resources – We preserve evidence, fully investigate truck accidents, and seek to establish negligence of the other driver. And we document the full impact of injuries,

What Can an Indianapolis, IN Truck Accident Lawyer Do For You?

Compensation for deserving families or injured victims of a trucking accident Trucking accidents or 18 wheeler accidents impact lives on a large scale and have lasting consequences. When negligence is involved, injured victims deserve full compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Insurance companies may be quick to initiate a truck accident settlement in Indiana.

Indianapolis, IN Truck Accident Victims: Who’s Liable for Your Injuries?

Determine responsibility for your serious trucking accident case Determining liability for a truck accident is much more complex than establishing fault in a car accident.  It takes a number of different people and companies to keep a truck properly operating, and any one of them may be to blame for the accident and subsequent injuries.  In many

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