Electric Bike Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Electric Bike Accident Lawyer - Indianapolis, IN 

Motorists responsible for accidents injuring pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter operators happen every day. If you have become a victim of this type of accident, then you may benefit from speaking with an Indianapolis, IN bicycle accident lawyer, an Indianapolis electric bike accident lawyer or an Indianapolis, IN pedestrian accident lawyer today.

When a motor vehicle driver hits a non-motorist, severe injuries and property damage can result due to physical vulnerability. Speaking with the legal team at Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as possible may protect your rights and preserve your legal options.

Are Electrically-Assisted Pedal Bikes Motorized Vehicles?

The short answer is no. Pedal Bikes with an electrically-assisted motor of 750 watts or less are not in the category of motor vehicles in the state of Indiana. The distinction comes by creating several legal categories under the heading of electrically-assisted bicycles. Following are the three distinct classes of electrically-assisted pedal bikes.

Class 1 Electric Bikes

The motor assists during pedaling but ceases to function at a maximum of 20 miles per hour.

Class 2 Electric Bikes

The bicycle uses motor assistance even when the operator is not pedaling. The motor disengages when the maximum speed reaches 20 miles per hour.

Class 3 Electric Bikes

Motor-assisted only when pedaling but top speeds reach as much as 28 miles per hour.

Accidents Injuring Pedestrians and Non-Motorized Vehicle Operators

Accidents between pedestrians, cyclists, scooter operators, and motorists happen frequently. A motorist who fails to stop or runs a red light can cause great physical harm to a person walking or operating another form of transportation that is not motorized. Sometimes motorists drive into lanes, often called bike lanes, that are only meant for non-motorists, and severe injuries result. There are a variety of injuries that can result when pedestrian accidents occur. An individual can suffer brain damage, broken bones or fractures, paralysis, damage to one or more organs, contusions, lacerations, and any number of other medical conditions. 

What Can I Do When I Receive Injuries From an Accident?

Whatever the scenario, if you have been hurt in an accident of this type, whether your injuries are minor or serious, you need to consult with an Indianapolis, IN electric bike accident lawyer to find out what your options are. 

Hire an Electric Bike Accident Lawyer With Experience

An Indianapolis, Indiana electric bike accident lawyer can assist if you were struck by a motorist. When non-motorists receive injuries, the legal action that follows can be complex. When you receive injuries by a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle, an electric bike or as a pedestrian, then you need a competent Indianapolis, IN electric bike accident lawyer with experience in this field of personal injury law.  This is your best option to receive the compensation that you deserve. 

What Will An Electric Bike Accident Lawyer Do For Me?

An Indianapolis, Indiana electric bike accident lawyer with experience will carefully review all of the aspects of the case to determine who is liable and the level of damages assigned to the negligent driver. Your lawyer will look at a number of criteria, including your injuries, the impact of these injuries upon your life, including a reduction or loss of wages, and pain and suffering. In addition, your electric bike accident lawyer will carefully review your medical records along with all medical expenses (both now and in the future). And furthermore, whether the accident that took place was due to negligence.

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