Underage Drivers Auto Insurance Coverage Exclusions

Insurers often use age and gender as two criteria that may restrict underage drivers insurance coverage. For example, some auto policies may contain provisions that exclude coverage for incidents when an underage driver operates a vehicle. Age and gender equity are particularly unfavorable for male drivers under a specified age. Questions of coverage arise when, as is inevitable, such incidents of operation by underage drivers take place and result in injury or property damage.

Insurance carriers restrict coverage for some underage drivers

Underage Drivers Insurance Coverage Exclusions Can Muddy the Waters in Accident Claims

Households often favor age exclusions because it is possible to ensure vehicles at reasonable premium rates. However, on the other hand, coverage exclusion by age or sex seems to violate the intent of automobile insurance. Insurance policies aim to insulate innocent parties from the damages that often occur in motor vehicle accidents. Age or sex-restricted individuals may be in violation of minimum coverage requirements and other statutes relating to automobile insurance. Equally important legal concerns arise when that same driver who has permission to operate the vehicle by the person who granted permission to drive the car from the policyholder. or where the underage driver is not a member of the household of the named insured.

Individual state legislatures traditionally legislate the business of motor vehicle insurance, rather than federal law. Specific policy provisions for underage drivers will be found in the state statutes as well as in specific court decisions dealing with matters of insurance law.

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