When you are hurt in an accident while you’re on the job, worker’s compensation can help put your mind at ease. Worker’s compensation is provided to eligible workers regardless of fault, since it is required for many companies to have it. Getting your claim approved though can be a challenging process, and you may have to deal with unexpected hurdles, as a workers’ compensation lawyer like one from Therman Law Offices understands. To get your claim approved, you need to follow the basic steps so that it can be filed properly. 

Report the Workplace Injury 

Immediately after the accident has occurred, you should report the incident right away. You will have to notify your supervisor or other management on site. It is important that you inform them of what happened properly so that they can create an incident report. Your claim will be scrutinized if you do not take urgent action. However, it’s important that you stick to the facts and don’t provide exaggerated, misleading claims or change your story. 

Document Evidence 

Before you leave the scene or have it cleaned up, take photos of the entire accident site. Take photos from various angles and distances so that you don’t miss any details. You should also document your injuries and how they progress. This evidence can be easily lost if you do not take the time to document them thoroughly. 

Receive Medical Treatment 

Whenever you are capable, see a doctor to get your injuries evaluated. A doctor will assess your physical and emotional health. You may not know the full extent of your injuries until you receive medical treatment. If you file a workers’ compensation claim without submitting the corresponding medical records, you risk running into issues. It’s important to note that your employer cannot use your private medical information as a form of punishment or retaliation. 

Inform Your Employer of Updates

In the process of filing your workers’ compensation claim, you will have to communicate with your employer about additional information you may need, such as records of your wages. Any updates about your claim should be reported to them as well as they come up. 

Doing each of these steps is a crucial part of successfully filing a workers’ compensation claim, as a lawyer from Therman Law Offices can explain. If you wish to obtain the benefits you are entitled to, you need to monitor the status of your claim and follow any additional steps required of you. To receive assistance, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer now. 


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