Should I call a lawyer after a car accident?

I receive a number of calls asking: “Should I call a lawyer after a car accident?” Here is what I tell people. No two personal injury cases are alike. However, the steps that each claimant needs to take in order to recuperate monetary compensation are typically the same. If you have been hurt and wish to file a personal injury suit, here’s a step-by-step guide of what you should anticipate.

Employ an injury lawyer

It’s in your best interests to instantly contact a lawyer after you have been hurt due to another party’s negligence. Your lawyer will examine the details of your case to determine if you will have the ability to recuperate a settlement or verdict from the at-fault driver. So the answer to the question, should I call a lawyer after a car accident, is yes. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer can judge from the facts if you have a valid case or not. And the injured victim should call an attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

Do I pay a lawyer to take my case?

If your lawyer believes your claim has the elements of a negligent case, he or she will consent to represent and work for you on a contingency basis. This suggests unless you prevail through settlement or verdict, your lawyer will not be paid. 

What can a lawyer do for me that I cannot do myself?

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows tort law and the rules of civil procedure guiding your claim. An injury attorney will seek the maximum compensation for your damages and protect your rights along the way. Since most people are not familiar with judicial rulings and statutes, the answer to should I call a lawyer after a car accident is clearly a yes! The following is a list of steps your attorney will take on your behalf.

File an insurance claim

In a lot of personal injury cases, your lawyer will be filing a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance provider instead of the driver himself. For instance, if you were hurt in a car mishap, the claim generally protests the insurer of the other driver and not the other motorist.

After you file the claim with your lawyer’s aid, the defendant’s insurance company will appoint an adjuster or claims agents to your case. The insurance adjuster is accountable for gathering evidence related to the case, consisting of evidence of injuries and property damage, and after that negotiating a settlement with you. Should I call a lawyer after a car accident? Yes! It is very important that you let your lawyer manage the negotiations with the insurance adjuster. Insurers do not have your best interests in mind, but your attorney does. He will aggressively work out in your place to make sure that you do decline an unfair settlement.

Submit a suit

Negotiator attorneys and claims agents often make equitable settlements. In fact, most claims settle out-of-court. But, your lawyer will still need to prepare a lawsuit in case you are unable to reach an adequate settlement with the insurance company.

Your attorney can initiate a lawsuit by filing a complaint, which will include information on the injuries you have actually sustained, how you sustained them, the laws that the responsible party has violated, and the damages you have actually suffered as a result of your injuries.

Information through the discovery process

Throughout the discovery process, and as they prepare their case for trial, your lawyer will gather as many details from the defendant as possible. A few of the most common methods used to gather info are depositions, file production demands, and interrogatories.

Should I call a lawyer after a car accident? Yes, but only an experienced personal injury lawyer!

There are several different aspects to this type of law, as a Memphis personal injury lawyer like the ones at the law offices of Patterson Bray can explain. Contact our experienced legal firm today! 


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