Sixteen percent of Indiana drivers are uninsured

We’ve all witnessed reckless motorists driving very nearly airborne down the road, anxiously weaving from lane to lane, and gunning their engines in disgust when they finally soar past you. Yes, today everybody’s in a hurry. And I bet you’ve thought, as I have, that most, if not all of these vehemently reckless drivers are driving without an adequate auto insurance policy. In fact, you can usually pick them out of a crowd of many, as if they carry an aura of irresponsibility with them.

Research conducted by the Insurance Research Council in 2011 shows that as many as 16% of Hoosiers are driving without any insurance coverage. And as the downturn in our economy intensifies, I fear that many more people will make the choice not to buy even the minimum amount of auto insurance legislated under Indiana law.

Even today, in some states, uninsured motorist coverage is a required add-on to your automobile policy. But in the state of Indiana, uninsured motorist coverage is an intrinsic part of your personal liability coverage under your automobile policy. Your uninsured motorist coverage automatically protects you from injury, lost wages and other expenses resulting from a serious accident with an uninsured driver.

Increase your policy limits for pennies a day

The value of your uninsured coverage is identical to your existing personal liability coverage under your auto or motorcycle policy. If you have read my other blogs on personal injury liability, then you already know that by increasing your policy limits, you have the advantage of getting considerably more coverage at a small additional rate. And when you consider that you are not only protecting your family from the injuries of others—you are also protecting your family from the negligent acts of uninsured drivers. It’s a win-win. Your
decision to choose the largest amount of personal liability coverage you can afford could be the best financial decision you make for your family.

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